• Best of 2014

    2014年 7月 29日, 14:12 作者:Rowolta

    2014 has truly been an impressive extreme metal year.

    Honorable mentions
    I have enjoyed these a little bit too much.

    Misery Index has once more delivered, The Killing Gods is amazing, super heavy, and somewhat simple but still complex on so many levels.

    Killitorous released their debut Party, Grind. The album is pure joy, both on a spiritual and technical level.

    Diaclast hailing from Russia, released an EP called Sea Slaughter, it consists of only three tracks. BUT, I can't get enough.

    The List
    Favourites of 2014, a list in alphabetic ascending order, work in progress..
    Abysmal Torment
    Cultivate The Apostate brutal death

    Immortal Technical Death

    Anaal Nathrakh
    Desideratum (2014) black metal


    2012年 12月 4日, 19:32 作者:milta

    Alter, ich befinde mich gerade voll im Death-Metal Rausch!
    Ich weiß nicht, wie ich das hinbekommen habe, aber ich vermute, es hängt damit zusammen, dass ich zum joggen Waco Jesus höre -und irgendwie höre ich laufend gerade Grindcore, Noise, Crust, Hardcore, Deathcore (naja), und alles, was ich an artverwandtem in die Finger kriege! Ich bange mich quasi in einen Rausch ( in der Geschwindigkeit kriegen das sonst nur Karnickel oder Extasyjunkies kurz vorm Finale hin ;)

    Liste der Bands, die mich bangen *g
    Waco Jesus
    Visceral Bleeding
    Posthumous Blasphemer

  • The Ultimate List Series - Brutal Death Metal Edition 1.5

    2012年 10月 29日, 13:26 作者:TheArtistBox


    Welcome to the list of brutal death metal bands. This will compile a comprehensive list of all brutal death metal bands that are tagged with such in my database. Thus, some maybe have noted beside them to move them to different journals in the near future as some are obviously confused. Later, artist profiles will be linked to the artist like my other journals within the series.

    History - Brutal Beginnings 1990-1993

    After the formation of death metal in 1984 the death metal scene took off with tremendous speed, thus why the timing and the 'first ever death release' can not really be mentioned without an argument or a debate about it.

    As Death Metal was taking over the Americas and then the world a band appeared on the scene creating a new wave of death metal. Often, now misunderstood as Modern Death Metal (which by the way isnt a genre , rather a wave), this up and coming garage band from New York was taking shape. …
  • Keď anjeli zo satanom tancujú

    2009年 8月 11日, 6:13 作者:LittleFox

    Holy god, turn up the music. Kto by bol povedal, že sa po strastiplnej ceste velkoobjemových účesov, riflových viest a mrtvolne pomalovaných tvári dostanem až k samotnému jadru, k podstate môjho hudobného bytia a vyjadreniu seba samého, inak zložitej osoby? Kto by bol povedal, že si zamilujem technical death metal.

    Pre jedného modla, pre druhého druhá mocnina extrému a explicitnej hudobnej zvrátenosti, pre tretieho absolutne velké nič. Aj takto je možné vidieť subžáner subžánru a pritom stále potomok nesmrtelného semä rock´n´rollu. Ako sa postupne formovali a vyvíjali death kapely, začali niektoré experimentovať s prvkami rôznych odlišných žánrov. Cielom bolo oživiť v tej dobe pomerne jednotvarny prejav death metalu ako takeho. V dôsledku tohto experimentovania a neustáleho inštrumentálneho rastu hudobníkov sa postupne utvoril samostatný, komplexný a pestrý hudobný štýl. Náročná štruktúra skladieb, kolísavé rytmy, prvky jazzu, elektroniky, zložité riffy, melodické party, umocnené rýchlosťou všetkých inštrumentálnych zložiek…
  • Death Metal

    2008年 12月 31日, 19:27 作者:RomanTW

    Mortician может и менее брутальны чем современный USway и все такое.. однако до чего же круто рубят.. шикарный гроул, сплошной кач сменяющийся адской долбежкой .. даже драм машина в тему

    Posthumous Blasphemer - Fracture the Worship (2008) Беларусия
    шикарный альбом.. офигенные соляки
    брутал в духе Deeds of Flesh

    Intestine Baalism - Ultimate Instinct (2008) Япония
    очень неплохой альбомчик оказался.. только странный немного, т.е. через один трек чередуется стиль - олдскульный дет и мдм
    мдм треки мне побольше понравились.. довольно цепляющие, скрим тоже ничего

    Atrophy - Labyrinths (2007) Франция
    очень хороший техничный и интересный брутал
    похож на Suffocation
  • Slam Death Metal – The Starter List

    2008年 10月 29日, 12:39 作者:FromHeartache

    This list is for any new fan to with helpful descriptions, recommended albums and external links to educational webzines about the genre.

    1)First comes an old favourite to everyone and probably the one that started the whole genre. Yes, its that Texas guttural slamming greatness: Devourment.

    Devourment are one of the pioneers of this newly founded genre in 1995. They bring blasting old school death influences, with crushing slamming guitars. However, this is a lot heavier than most slam bands today and more like an average band if you didn’t know your terminology.

    Recommended Albums: Butcher The Weak, Molesting The Decapitated.

    2)Second comes hand in hand with the first, except a more subtle approach to proceedings. This slow slamming pioneer hails from the dark empty apartments of New York, it’s of course the 1991 classics Internal Bleeding.

    Internal Bleeding are more slower than Devourment but still contain the grotesque growling and slamming brilliance. …
  • Good brutal tunes

    2008年 6月 10日, 22:07 作者:Rowolta

    Some of my favorite albums.

    Abysmal Torment - Epoch Of Methodic Carnage

    Putrefy - Blasphtized - Vomitous Rectum - Vomiting Putrid Blasphemy (split)

    Carnal Decay - Carnal Pleasures

    Amputated - Gargling With Infected Semen

    Cerebral Effusion - Violence In Motion

    Infected Malignity - The Malignity Born From Despair

    Visceral Bleeding - Remnants Revived

    Infernal Revulsion - Devastate Under Hallucination

    Posthumous Blasphemer - Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation

    Heinous Killings - Hung with Barbwire

    Cephalotripsy - Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies