• Yayyyy

    2010年 1月 26日, 15:44 作者:Trendall

    1. What's your favorite song by 15?
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge

    2. How did you get into 20?
    Mike Gordon - Through Phish

    3. Who is your favorite member in 1?
    Dave Matthews Band - Dave Matthews is awesome. Carter Beauford is awesome. Tim Reynolds is awesome. I don't know, it's difficult to decide. I love them all equally as if they were my children <3

    4. What’s your favorite lyric by 29?
    Thom Yorke - I don't know what it is about it, but there's a line in And It Rained All Night that goes...

    One little leak becomes a lake
    Says the tiny voice in my earpiece

    ...and every time I hear it, I just think, 'that is really cool'. I don't know whether its the way he sings it, or the words themselves. I just like it.

    5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
    Keith Jarrett - No, but I would absolutely love to. I always think when listening to it how incredible it must have been to be in attendance at The Köln Concert

    6. What's your favorite album from 10?
  • Father-daughter music appreciation time

    2006年 6月 18日, 19:18 作者:kitefish

    (In honour of father's day, even if it was invented by Hallmark.)

    Me and my dad get on pretty well. We have a similar sense of humour, we enjoy some of the same TV shows and, relevantly to this journal, some of the same music. When I was about 7 or so, while pretending to the outside world to be a simple Spice Girls lover like the majority of girls my age, secretly I was a fan of Elkie Brooks and Art Garfunkel after repeated listenings to them in the car (though thinking back on it, I think this might have had more to do with the fact that those seemed to be the sole two tapes that lived in the vehicle, and I had to like them else go insane on long journeys.)

    For a while after that the idea of liking the same music as either of my parents was too vehement to contemplate, so musically my father and I passed one another by. Then, a few years ago when I started getting into music properly, ie hunting down stuff I really liked rather than making do with the Top 40, we started up a cautious musical friendship again. …
  • Hey Ishmael - can I call you ANNOYING?

    2006年 5月 17日, 20:36 作者:Orange_Anubis

    I've been handed a copy of a pleasantly ridiculous album by one MC Lars. I'm sure I shouldn't like it as much as I do, it's geeky comedy rap with some great/terrible jokes that may well wear thin very soon. For now though I'm having a blast with stuff like the self-deprecating cheesiness of his Jay-Z pastiche 21 Concepts, and the Atari console disco of Space Game.

    It's a mixed bag on the whole I suppose, some tracks are great musically but a bit heavy-handed with the old lyrics, like his satires on the music biz Signing Emo (in which, yes, Emo is rhymed with Nemo, and not for the first time on the album) and 'Download this Song', which samples The Passenger brilliantly but does grate on the nerves a bit. And some might be clever but they pass me by, for instance Roommate From Hell. This is perhaps because I believe that the whole "No, no, you see, the roommate is actually from hell" concept belongs to Buffy and Buffy alone).

  • February 25th: Born on this day

    2006年 2月 25日, 11:58 作者:tenderbranson69

    1959, Born on this day, Mike Peters– guitarist and vocalist with
    The Alarm, who had a 1983 UK No.17 single with ‘68 Guns’. Solo and member of Dead Men Walking with Kirk Brandon, (ex Spear Of Destiny), Slim Jim Phantom, (Stray Cats), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) and Bruce Watson (Big Country).

    1957, Born on this day, Stewart Wood,
    Bay City Rollers, (1975 UK No.1 single 'Bye Bye Baby' plus 11 other UK Top 20 singles', 1976 US No.1 single 'Saturday Night').

    1957, Born on this day, Dennis Diken, drums, US group, The Smithereens, (1988 US No.41 album 'Smithereens 11).

    1948, Born on this day, Elkie Brooks, (Elaine Bookbinder), singer, solo, (1977 UK No.8 single 'Pearl's A Singer'), also a member of Elkie Brooks with Robert Palmer.

    1943, Born on this day,
    George Harrison – guitarist and vocalist with The Beatles, the world’s most successful group. The all-time bestselling album in the UK is The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, with over 4.5 million copies sold. Harrison wrote the 1969 US No. …