• kein / deadman [collection]

    3 Tem 2013, 11:54 yazan HotaruFilth

    My collection of kein and Deadman merchandise.
    I still collect photosets, pamphlets, stickers, postcards and etc.
    I'll make another entry for CDs and DVDs.

    ・Pamphlets/ Photobooks:


    deadman_1.pct pamphlet
    deadman_2.pct pamphlet
    deadman_3.pct pamphlet
    deadman_4.pct pamphlet
    deadman_5.pct pamphlet
    deadman_6.pct pamphlet
    deadman_7.pct pamphletver.2

    deadman_1.doc pamphlet
    deadman_2.doc pamphlet
    deadman_3.doc pamphlet
    deadman_4.doc pamphlet
    deadman_4.doc pamphlet ver.2
    deadman_4 1/2.doc pamphlet
    deadman_5.doc pamphlet
    deadman_6.doc pamphlet
    deadman_7.doc pamphlet
    deadman_8.doc pamphlet
    deadman_9.doc pamphlet
    deadman_10.doc pamphlet

    deadman+lynch. coupling tour pamphlet

    眞呼 personal book Buried alive by words
    眞呼 SILENT GARDEN Ⅰ LONDON book (signed by Mako)


    kein - Rückseite Vol. 1
    kein - Rückseite Fin.

  • The problem with visual kei

    16 Oca 2010, 03:53 yazan kurohime

    I have a big problem with visual kei: I enjoy it very much, but I can’t exactly tell what it is.

    It has been almost a decade listening to visual kei bands and many of them seem completely unrelated. On Tonberry Torrents, about 2 years ago, I started a topic called "What visual kei truly is... (I don't know anymore)" in an attempt to find out what's the real nature of VK: Music genre, subculture, just fashion? That was the first time I tried to end this issue that troubles me so much, but the discussion never lead to a conclusive answer and I stopped reading the replies some time after I started the topic.

    My only source for everything visual kei-related is the internet. I’m part of this virtual community that enjoys visual kei, but has never sensed what it’s like in japanese culture; the crucial experience! Everything I read on the internet seems created by people who also happen to only know visual kei by this virtual world that didn’t start the movement.

    What are the origins of visual kei?
  • And I still need more.

    18 Nis 2009, 10:42 yazan Sakito-sama

  • Alphabetical Meme

    31 Eki 2008, 12:56 yazan UshinattaKotoba

    My favourite artist for each letter of the alphabet. In some cases I wasn’t able to choose only one, I’m sorry for that ^^”

    # 3 Doors Down
    A 藍華柳, Agnus∻Dei
    C Celia'xeno
    D D'elsquel
    E Earl Grey, Eliphas Levi
    F Fatima Hill
    G Guns N' Roses
    I In Extremo
    K kein, Közi
    L La'Mule, Lamiel
    M Madeth gray'll, メトロノーム (It was really hard to choose only 2 for M...)
    N Noir fleurir
    O Orgy
    P Pain
    Q Queen
    R Remage
    S Slipknot, SILVER ASH
    T The Black Mages, 十神
    U 植松伸夫
    V Vice†Risk
    X Xecsnoin
    Y Youjeen (She isn't really a favourite, but I needed somone for Y >_<)
    Z Zephyr
  • I have re-romajied (and a message about soulseek)

    3 May 2008, 18:26 yazan KMFCM


    I re-romaji-ed (except in the case of inter-continental-shared-band-names like Phobia and S, where unicode is a NECESSITY).

    My reasoning?

    I don't remember the damn song titles, and sure as hell cannot read them
    I trashed my iPod
    I'm never buying another one
    and Zune does not read japanese text (I hear there's a way to hack it, but whatever).

    the whole thing just seems kind of elitist to me

    and I'm not trying to pidgeonhole all of you as elitist douchebags. I understand many of you are learning to read Japanese and this is part of it. . .
    but at the same time, I know the fan base. I know most of these kids are just champing at the bit for another reason to think they're better than people. I'm quite sure a lot of these unromaji kids are probably the same douchebags that have "trade only" folders on soulseek.

    yeah, you're a scumbag if you do that shit

    and I know it's only vis kei fans doing that shit

  • kein - correct tags

    3 Mar 2008, 04:22 yazan Liantasse

    kein's tracks are generally much better tagged than it's usual for a Japanese band on last.fm, but nevertheless, for anyone who might need it, here's a list of proper tags for their discography. Release order, correct tags in purple.


    [1998.11.01] 木槿の柩 - mukuge no hitsugi
    01 嘘 - uso
    02 keen scared syndrome

    [1999.03.31] 自責と蠱毒 - jiseki to kodoku
    01 an Ferris Wheel
    02 雨音の記憶 - amane no kioku

    [2000.01.21] 朦朧の実 - mourou no jitsu / mourou no mi (can anyone please let me know which of this is the correct one?)
    01 暖炉の果実 - danro no kashitsu
    02 グラミー - grammy

    [2000.06.09] クランケ - kranke
    01 クランケ - kranke
  • Aie's Birthday! =*0*=

    26 Eyl 2007, 14:15 yazan x_White_x

    Happy Birthday Aie!!


    Yaaaaaaayyy! Today is a happy day its the Aie bithday :3
    The former Deadman and now the great The Studs Guitarrist *--*.

    oh man! he makes amazing melodies and have history in a great number of bands like kein and Lamiel *____*. aww for all that i have to thank him and say "happy birthday *-*", but i just dont know his age... CAUSE THIS JAPANESE FOCKA ALSO DO CHEATINGS ON THE PROFILES ._.! LIKE: "BORN IN L.A" OR PUT A UNEXISTANT DATE OF BIRTH i____i.
    but he just rocks, x3 i love the jokes and the bloopers that this this..this Aie ;_; causes.

    and now lets all sing :3

    Aie's Birthday

    Thats is the Aie's Birthdayy
    Howw wonderfull Dayyyy
    If you dont like Aie
    I bet that you are gay *-*
    Aie are just so happy,
    with friends that day he will pass
    Daisuke and are Hibiki go out to buy Presents *-*
    and Yukino will Slaps the Aie Ass

    Toki,Kazuya,Takamasa and others have been invited tooo
  • Album Review: The Studs/"Studs"

    23 Haz 2007, 22:44 yazan darwinian_finch

    It's been a little while since I've done a serious CD eval+review. Since the podcast is going to be a little while longer (next episode is expected to be a little after 12012's performance at AnimeNext), I figured this would help the pacing a little. I have obtained both versions so I will be able to do a nice compare/contrast as well.

    This is The Studs's debut album. Though I wish they had gone out of their way to think up a more original name then "Studs," it makes sense in a thoughtful sort of way. All members of the band are successful musical artists who knew each other from tour arrangements and previous bands. There was also a shared trait between each of these members-- all four of these men are willing to collaborate and exercise an interaction of styles without compromising each's distinct musical vision. Daisuke contributes the mood and energy that many of us has grown accustomed to during Kagerou's existence. Aie, the guitarist…
  • rotation #4

    18 Haz 2007, 01:13 yazan higaimousou

    Unlike the past times I've done this on here, I'm gonna start adding my thoughts as well. Seems like such a waste to make a post solely comprised of artist links. Anyway, lets get this shit on the road.

    rotation #4 (April-June 2007)
    total number of tracks: 777


    Green Day: As cool as it seems to hate on Green Day nowadays, I won't do that. They may not be the best/most technical musicians out there, but their stuff is still enjoyable IMO. Nostalgia may play a small part in me still liking them since they broke into the mainstream when I was junior high, but so what?

    Guniw Tools: I'm rather neutral when it comes to their music. Not in love with them, but don't hate them either. Whether it's the early stuff when Jake was a part of the band, or the electronic sound they went for in the later years...I find about 50% of their stuff enjoyable. Sometimes I think that I'm just not "getting" the other 50% of their recorded output…
  • Similar Artist Servey

    4 May 2007, 03:03 yazan yumekazaguruma

    I'm bored... so yes. and i just used hurts because... ummm... i haven't listened to mucc in over a year now XD i listened to them a lot when i got this... then i got a new comp and forgot about last.fm so i didnt use it.. and now my music has completely changed, but i didnt feel like getting ride of all my old music records XD lol

    ...anyways~ the servey! XD

    Go to the page of your number one artist, and follow the link of it's number one similar artist, then repeating that for this artist and so on, noting down each artist as you go. Do this until you've got to 50 artists (not including your number one). If you get any repeats, just go to the second similar artist or the nearest one that you haven't already had.


    01.Pashya I really dont like their singer, but their music is good ^^
    02.juliadoll haven't listened to them ^^;
    03.Screw yeah i havent listened to them either... >>
    04.AYABIE fatty!!! <3<3<3 ... I mean ryohei! XD ok he's not in it anymore o.o;