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The DJ duo “diskobirlik”, founded by Çağrı Kutlu (Çaarı VızVızVız) and Cihan Aksoy (Discolog) , is a new disco based project.
Be sure to look out for them at a venue near you!

Çağrı Kutlu;
was born in the Turkish city of Bursa, in 1978 and raised in a music-loving family where he listened to both foreign music and various styles of Turkish music. As a child he started playing popular songs with his small keyboard before learning to play the guitar in highschool. It was also in highschool where he truly started to appreciate funk, jazz, rock and classical music. His university days are where he really developed an interest in electronic music, guitar processors and various EM music producing software. He started listening to disco, nu-disco, and house and began playing in clubs and bars. It didn’t take long before Çağrı was DJ’ing regularly at important events and clubs in Turkey.

Cihan Aksoy;
was born on August 22 1979, in Louvier, France, but spent most of his life in İstanbul,Turkey. There weren't as many DJ role models when Cihan was growing up as there are now but that didn't stop Cihan from achieving his musical goals. He was especially interested in disco and funk LPs, and always asked to his friends and family for their music. Luckily, his parents and friends encouraged him and that encouragement drove him to excel. By the time he finished high school he was one of the well known DJ of İstanbul and has since been playing in clubs all of Turkey and the world. At the moment he is currently studying mixing, mastering and audio engineering at the SAE Institute and encourages young people to study music and learn art of mixing. He continues to play on the biggest radio station Dinamo FM (103.8)

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