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  • Aktif yıllar

    2011 – şimdiye kadar (9 year)

  • Kurulduğu tarih

    Recife, Pernambuco, Brezilya

– Traditional Occult Doom Metal - Recife/PE, Brazil –.

2011 - Now

WITCHING ALTAR is a side project created by T. Witchlover (Beast Conjurator, Seven Candles, ex-Stormblood) and Peter Vitus (Seven Candles, ex-Preatcher, ex-Electric Mooker) in order to fulfill their oath of reverence to the Cult.

The idea of put the project in motion came few years ago when the two musicians realized the great lack of traditional doom bands in their country, mainly in their hometown. To find interested musicians in nearly areas also proved to be a very difficult task. So, as two passionate and true worshippers of the low tempo/heavy/obscure/sabbathical sound, they decided to join efforts and give life to the band by their own.

Highly influenced by traditional doom bands and 70's rock, band's sound is a blend of low tones, heavy guitar riffs, dirty bass and hefty rhythmic drums. Menacing laconic vocals plus psychedelic keyboards complete the amalgam; all immersed in a vintage blackened atmosphere.

The members’ main influences are classical bands such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Bedemon, Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar, Candlemass, Count Raven and Cathedral. As well as newer bands as Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar and Electric Wizard.

Lyrically, “WITCHING ALTAR” focuses in themes such as , , , , and . On the other hand, the band also writes about , , and human feelings.


First single 'Tower of the Black Wizard" is available for full streaming here and also at their official links below:

Free download also available here:

Order their first promo CD, "Vol. 1 - Goat" by


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