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The Sword is commonly classified as doom metal, alternative metal and stoner metal.] Eduardo Rivadavia of allmusic describes the band as being "at the forefront of … the 'heritage' or 'retro metal' movement", comparing it to heavy metal veterans Black Sabbath and vocalist Cronise to Ozzy Osbourne. Rolling Stone also likens the band to Sabbath, as does in its review of Gods of the Earth, claiming that "It's impossible not to compare to the works of Black Sabbath." The Sword has also been dubbed as 'hipster metal', though Cronise and the band object to such a label.[

While every member of the band contributes to the musical compositions, Cronise is the primary writer of the band's lyrics.He often uses Norse mythology as a topic in his lyrics,notably in the song "Freya";but cites literature as his main influence, naming such authors as George R. R. Martin, Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft and Arthur C. Clarke.

The band has cited Black Sabbath (the band they are most commonly compared to) as a major influence, in addition to doom trio Sleep, sludge band the Melvins, thrash veterans Slayer, and heavy metal icons Iron Maiden and Deep Purple, among others. The band's guitarists, in discussions of their musical influences, have identified 'classic' metal guitar players such as James Hetfield, Dimebag Darrell and Tony Iommi, and Cronise has also described Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top fame) as a "huge influence".

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