• 14 Different Halloween Songs

    13 Eyl 2010, 06:31 yazan liked00dness

    Something different you may not have seen on other lists, which are mostly corny classics. Hopefully you’ll find something different on here!

    Red Right Hand
    A cover, but I prefer the straight-rocking sound of this one to the almost-cheesy original.

    Traditionally creepy, with that slow, gothic feel and just a hint of fear.

    Sexy Results
    Sexy vocals and a good beat.

    Lust For A Vampyr
    Super catchy, swinging tune with a fun chorus and a truly unique sound.

    Nature of Inviting
    Ah, such an awesome atmosphere here. A slow and dangerous beat that draws you into a trance and sends a chill down your spine.

    Unholy Thoughts
    Quick, light beats but a dark mood, like being chased down deserted streets at night.

    Gun in My Side
    Best driving song EVER, but also a good party song.

    Time Is Running Out
    The original awesome Muse song. Smooth with just the right amount of devious.

    Dark dance rock with good lyrics and one of the most unique vocalists out there.
  • Scissor Sisters: "Night Work" - my review

    15 Tem 2010, 21:02 yazan rustystake

    Night Work, the Scissor Sisters’ third album, has been a long time coming. Lead singer Jake Shears admitted to the band being dissatisfied with and discarding their previous work in early 2009 after 18 months recording time. This lead to his solo, soul-searching journey to Berlin where he found inspiration from the electrifying music scene of the city to write a new album – which ultimately became Night Work. His inspiration called for some high-energy dance tunes and who better to craft this desire than Stuart Price, king producer of retro 70’s/80’s dance goodness. Even the album’s cover art appears to be a cheeky (no pun intended) nod to the time period, bringing to mind Bruce Springsteen’s iconic cover for Born in the U.S.A. turned queer – and surprisingly is not Shears’ ass, but a photograph from 1983 that he stumbled across and knew he wanted as the cover).

    The Sisters’ last outing – 2006’s Ta-Dah – featured a more theatrical, show tune theme with a noticeably decreased libido. …