• Library police! (1/3)

    6 Haz 2015, 11:07 yazan Dlartrisky

    Edition 3 of my previously forgotten game. Hooray!

    The thing is that I decided to split it to 3 parts because of overdue tag editing there. Some of them don't even show up! Yuk!

    So, now, I'll just try and reduce libraries by 10 people at the bottom when I'll make my ranking of overall feast. If not, well, not. The same rules from the first episode and second one reapply, though.

    Let's goooooooooooooo!

    Filthgrinder__ | GarbageStupid Girl

    Hooray, my first Garbage scrobble! This band was pushed to my side all along. I like this song, so much represent the 90's alternatives mood. [8.4/10]

    MJtheRevelator | Wooden WandServant To Blues

    Reminds me of outro of A Whisper. I just don't really want to even even! [7/10]

    mijji | Stone SourFruitcake

    I have a feeling this will be harsh. So harsh, you know, as much as RATM go. But hey it doesn't sound a really that loadsa harsh I expected this to be :O That's lame >:( Besides, the songs goes way overdue for 4 minutes. [6.9/10]