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Nilüfer Yanya was born into a multi-cultural family with an English mother and Turkish father. She grew up around music; her father played traditional music around the house whilst her mother listened to classical music. Her nanny also brought Irish music to her home.

Yanya was taught the guitar by Dave Okumu from The Invisible, Dave was her first guitar teacher at school for about two years.

In 2016 Nilüfer Yanya made her first record Small Crimes. The music video is shot by the help of her sister and her sister’s boyfriend on a very small budget. Looking like an old tape the video reflects a rebel spirit.

In June 2016 Nilüfer also released Hey, a Pixies cover recorded by Bullion for a recent covers album on his label DEEK Records.

She has a old jazz style to her voice which is gaining popularity. Some claim that she has kind of Jeff Buckley-esque style in a way that she plays her guitar and a voice similar to the great Nina Simone.

She has played in several clubs around London. In 2017 she performed in Turkey.

In May 2017 Nilüfer Yanya released new single Golden Cage, a track that comes from Yanya’s EP, Plant Feed.

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