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Monsieur Moustache, with their wide range of sound between soft melodies and punchy
grooves the young formation around singer/songwriter Frederic Betz gives a view on what
is gonna come next. Cause the Band is just in its rst year of existence.
After leaving Germany for a year, to travel in New Zealand with just his guitar, back in Köln
Fred had the wish to start a Bandproject. With a bunch of new Songs in his pocket he found
some great musicians for the project in the “Musikhochschule Köln”. After short time it was
clear that one beardy man will end up with a more or less shaved group. He got to know
Stefan (doublebass) by having some great streetmusic sessions, with Hartmut (guitar) he
played lots of years together and Uwe (drums) just knows exactly how to see the world with
a smile on his face.
The Songs are about the big and the small things in daily life. From the clear moments when
everything is in a
ow and you just would like to look into the sky and follow the clouds for
hours. But also about fears, scared feelings and the hard days in life. And nally about the
search for creative idleness and inspiration in this fast moving world. All of these things and
much more you get to hear and feel, when those four guys are standing together on stage.
And in the best case four young men become one Monsieur Moustache…
Frederic Betz – vocals, guitar
Uwe Tontsch – drums
Stefan Schönegg – bass
Hartmut Frost – guitar, backing vocals

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