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Jukka Rintamäki is an independent composer and musician, whose work includes music for film, dance, video games and art. He is also an accomplished producer and remixer. Born in Vasa, Finland in 1974, he moved to Gothenburg, Sweden at the age of 20 to study musicology and philosophy. Today, Rintamäki lives and works in Stockholm, where he has been based since 2006. Rintamäki is member and songwriter in Silverbullit, formed in 1995. The group has released three albums and toured Europe and the United States. The band’s live performances and albums continue to receive wide acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

In 2004, Rintamäki started composing music for film, contemporary dance and art, producing and doing remixes for bands. Feature films for which he has written original score include the award-winning movie Kid Svensk, directed by Nanna Huolman, shown at festivals in Scandinavia and Europe, including the Karlovary Film Festival and Gothenburg International Film Festival in 2008. The latest film featuring Rintamäki’s music was The Corridor (Swedish title ‘Isolerad’), a critically acclaimed Swedish thriller from 2010 shown at a number of film festivals around the world, including festival premiers at Plan D’Anger, Fantastic Fest Austin and the Brussels Film Festival.

Since 2005, Rintamäki has also collaborated with a number of choreographers. He composed music for works by choreographer Helena Franzén that were performed at Dansens Hus, Stockholm in 2009 and at Moderna Dansteater, Stockholm in 2010. He also composed music for performances at Joyce Soho, New York in 2009 and wrote music in collaboration with Silverbullit for performances at the Royal Danish Opera in 2005. His repertoire of compositions includes music for three works by choreographer Kenneth Kvarnström, performed at Göteborgsoperan, Norrlandsoperan and the Helsinki City Theater, later touring worldwide, including performances at Jacob’s Pillow, Massachusetts in 2010. He also composed music for choreographer Ori Flomin’s work All We Are, performed at DTW, New York in 2010.

Rintamäki also collaborates with a number of other artists and musicians including Johan Skugge, El Perro Del Mar, I Break Horses, Mattias Helldén, Martin McFaul, Theodor Jensen, Emmon, Hell On Wheels, Nina Natri, Reeperbahn, Markus Åström, Tuija Lindström.

Projects for 2011, include a dance performance at GöteborgsOperan(Leinonen/Franzén/Zappala), a dance performance at Skånes Dansteater (Haze) and a site-specific performance art production at Moderna Museet, Stockholm. Rintamäki is also working on the music for the Battlefield 3 video game, in collaboration with composer Johan Skugge, which will be launched in autumn 2011. Silverbullit is currently in the studio working on a new album.

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