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  • Aktif yıllar

    2005 – şimdiye kadar (14 year)

Ghost Brigade is a six-piece melodic doom metal band from Finland, formed in 2005.

Formation and Guided By Fire (2007)
Ghost Brigade was formed in 2005 by the ex-members of the melodic death metal band "Sons Of Aeon" (Wille Naukkarinen and Tommi Kiviniemi), by the ex-members of the stoner metal band Sunride (Wille Naukkarinen, Veli-Matti Suihkonen and Janne Julin) and by the singer of the death metal band Paraxism (Manne Ikonen). Then, they recorded several songs they gathered up in a Demo they released on their own. The year after (in 2007), they started to record several songs as "Along The Barriers" or "Horns" and they decided to record an album, which is named Guided By Fire and it was recorded with their "house engineer", Mikko Poikolainen. They released it 17 September 2007 via Season Of Mist. It was the first album of the band to feature Aleksi Munter, the keyboardist of the melodic death metal band Swallow The Sun and the only to feature Fredrik Nordin, the vocalist of the stoner metal band Dozer as guest vocals.

They also made a tour to promote the album during October and April 2007 with Insomnium in Finland only. The album was also available in download on the website of Season Of Mist, the label of Ghost Brigade. The album was also re-released in 2012 in a clear vinyl edition.

Isolation Songs (2009)
Two years after Guided By Fire, Ghost Brigade release their second album, Isolation Songs in August 2009 (The 3rd in Europe and the 25th in North America) via Season Of Mist and it was produced by Antti Malinen.

About this album, Wille Naukkarinen stated:

"We had a few different working titles for this record but 'Isolation Songs' was the one that we collectively felt good about. I remember reading through the lyrics of this album just before we went to the studio in order to come up with an album title and the word 'isolation' came to mind several times. The songs themselves aren't directly about that at all but I think that having a feeling of being isolated has been an inspiration or a driving force to at least some of the content of these lyrics. And if you think about our songwriting process in general, Isolation Songs is probably the best possible title to characterize that as well. I, for example, have to be completely isolated from the outside world to write riffs, melodies and songs for Ghost Brigade; it just doesn't work any other way. We can't go to our rehearsal room and jam until we come up with something 'pretty cool.' This band digs deeper than that. And besides, Isolation Songs sounds like it's a title of a country album and that of course, is a big bonus. It was a lot of work to get this album done, it took almost two years to write these songs, but now that it's 100% ready I can only say that I feel privileged to be a member of GHOST BRIGADE. I have a strong feeling we have created something very special with 'Isolation Songs' and it is by far my personal favorite of all recordings I've ever been a part of. I hope people will enjoy these songs as much as we do once they get the chance to hear them."

Band members

  • Manne Ikonen - Vocals
  • Tommi Kiviniemi - Guitar
  • Wille Naukkarinen - Guitar
  • Veli-Matti Suihkonen - Drums
  • Joni Saalamo - Bass
  • Joni Vanhanen - Keyboard
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