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  • Aktif yıllar

    2006 – şimdiye kadar (12 year)

The idea of GÜRZ was born in 2006, when Doğukan Kalender and Kenan Turandar decided to play music which fuses folk influenced melodies, metal music and classical elements. In a short period, guitarist M.Cantuğ Ağıç joined the band to fill the lead guitarist role. Finally, drummer Tevhit Özdemir joined the band and the line-up was complete.

Since then Gürz is forging their music in the smithy of the Sky-God .For the last two years; Band has been fighting under the flag of Turkish Folk Metal, an extreme blend of traditonal music and various metal influences. The band’s unique combination of ancient and modern stuff has given them a wide appeal throughout both metal and folk scenes, and has brought great variety to their songs.

The songs are lyrically based on Folktales, Central Asian myths, Ancient Middle-Eastern Sagas and fantasy fiction; where musically harmonized with enchanting melodies, stunning rhythmic guitars, charming orchestrations, powerful drumming and perfected with extreme vocals as well as catchy clean vocals which will take you into the lands of imagination and the past.

With their coming EP which is titled ‘ Sons of Earth and Sky ‘, band told tales of Shaman culture, ancient shaman tribes, their struggles with life, their ancient religion and stories of fictional heroic characters to create a new dimension in the Metal scene.

GÜRZ made their first live appearance at UniRock’11 Open Air Festival Istanbul and now they focus on their upcoming releases and live shows.

Doğukan Kalender - Growl Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
M.Cantuğ Ağıç - Lead & Acoustic Guitars
Kenan Turandar - Clean Vocals & Bass
Tevhit Özdemir - Drums

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