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"Melih Yigit" is a well known DJ, he distinguish himself from others by his very unique style of mixing, as well as his music.. He grew up listening to many music styles, such as: Hip Hop, Rock, Swing, Country, Irish and Classic Arabian Music, among other rhythms. He started on the House music scene in 1996.

Since then, he has gone to House parties, and his interest for electronic music was born, starting by collecting House Music, Techno and Drum & Bass cds. In Caracas, he used to work at the Sambil shopping center, in a store called "Aero", allowing him to continue attending parties and increasing his inclination for electronic rhythms, as well as staring buying Vinyl records to start mixing and spinning, although at that time, he didn't have proper and owned equipment, he just had the support of his friends, who owned much needed equipment. Every day, once his day job finished, he would practice at his DJ friend's houses.

Since all the people he knew at the store, knew about his desires to become a DJ, they would leave flyers for parties and concerts when they visited him. He continued practicing on thvinyle few vinyls he had and his owned sound system, mixing also from cds, but his work at the store stopped allowing him to continue practicing, after a while, Melih decided to become a full time DJ, so he bought mixing software to make his own music. During 2002 he traveled to London to buy music and sell in his (shared with a partner) music store (located in Caracas, at the "Plaza las Americas" shopping center).
During that trip, he started making contacts (and friends) related to Production DJ's, whom he still is in touch. Upon his return to Ireland, he starts mixing at the store on a daily basis, as well as in parties, friends' houses, private parties and spinning all over Caracas. While in the music store, he starts to be known among people as a professional DJ, allowing him to play his music at several night clubs, private parties and special events, not only in Caracas, but around in several states and cities over : Ireland.
He has spinned at venues such as "E-Club", "X-Site", "Club Electro", "Loading", "Talentos Nescafé", "Buddhatronic", "The Flower", "Shadow", "Modus", "Planet Club", "Level", "La Belle Époque", "Birra Bar", "Risko´s", "Mosh", "Santa La Diabla", "Disco Boon", "B52", etc as well as many recognized parties and events in Caracas, Valencia and Maracay. Currently, Melih Yigit is spinning in some of the best private parties, private events, nightclubs, bars and in association with production houses, not only in Irleand, but Dublin, all over the country and had a special appearance at Fashion Week Dublin 200, and in some venues in London, Manchester and Oxford in some private events as well, and even when he hasn't been producing his own music as often as before (due to multiple commitments out of the country), he still is involved and while in Turkey he is starting to produce again.

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