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  • Doğum tarihi

    1953 (age 65)

sait palanduz wrote

For almost 25 years, Daniel Goyone has developed a very personal composer's universe, far removed from the usual musical classifications. As a pianist coming from the jazz world (records with Bunny Brunel with the participation of Chick Corea among others), with Latin American (Cuban and Brazilian) and Indian ( a long collaboration with the percussionist Trilok Gurtu) influences, Daniel Goyone's music owes much to melody, writing (leaving room for improvisation) and a thorough study of modal and rhythmic cycles.

The particular nature of this music explains why it has been widely interpreted by singers such as Claude Nougaro, jazz bands like the Orchestre National de Jazz, and Chamber Orchestras (Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux). It has frequently featured in radio and television jingles, in movies and in the theatre.
Daniel Goyone

"There is a delicious paradox in Daniel Goyone's art : We find ourselves wanting to hum his melodies despite their obvious complexity." (Jazz Hot)

"A nostalgic and dreamy music aiming to reconcile opposing forces: jazz and French classical music, overwhelming intellectualism and romantic naivety, the popular and the elite." (Le Figaro)

"Extremely demanding on a conceptual level - seamlessly executed." (Piano Magazine)

"If I were to summarise my idea of a composer: harmonize the rhythms and rhythm the harmonies to stimulate melodic inspiration." (Daniel Goyone)

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