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"…Big City Orchestra has existed as a sound-making entity for so long now that no one remembers exactly how long ago it was formed.^^^^^^^^^ A token birthday celebration of the founding of BCO is held but no one attends…they are imaginary, be-webbed, obscured. Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will sometimes talk to the underground music press and internet snooper sites, but in general little is known of the fate of the thousands of cassettes that the band prepared for oddball UNDERGROUND LABELS. When one member was found buried under crates of tapes in his peculiar cottage, the other band members of the late 7o's withdrew from the public eye and focussed their activities around the Big City area of Los Angeles.^^^^^^^^^^ In a strange house run on pirated electricity their white-noise-slavery ring was created to satiate the nearby swingers cabal in Hawthorne. In order to drown out the screams and crazed laughter a front 'band' was created (so the story goes) to distract the neighbors with a high-decibel smokescreen………. There followed a pastoral section during which life vibrated at peculiar rate, unlike anything felt previously; probably induced by an improperly-closed circuit…………. The failure of popular incumbent Mayor Gak in a 1980 election led to a shift north for the unruly experimenters. Traces of the band appeared on radio and cassettes and compact discs for years, always under a new name to elude the public, never titling the music to codify it, somehow they existed, yet were NOT THERE AT ALL. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The phenomenon spread outward, like a mail-order virus, a trail of unsolved cat murders in it's wake. And always the FISH clue. But now perhaps the elusive underground pop stars had gone TOO far, as they were confronting the long lamb of the law FATTY WOLVERINE; famous for solving the CAMP TOM-TOM murders, among other tough cases……However, the vast membership of the cult-like Orchestra made investigation difficult for those on the trail, and bizarre clues to unusable crimes, made of fish, were the order of the day. The sound of these public massacres was broadcast live on nearby college radio, thus banning all present and future members of the BCO from the airwaves. This didn't stop them from mounting a soon-thriving 700-Club-like noise-worship marathon, which though it only featured a black screen every week, made enough money to be investigated by the tax authorities. A brisk mail-order business kept up the steady flow of unfortunate audio and visual material, and now with their SATELLITE TRANSMISSION STATION, paid for through years of pirating Beatles songs, they are in a position to disrupt the world's entire communication

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