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  • Kurulduğu tarih

    Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, Birleşik Krallık

AWOOGA’s compelling take on Rock fuses together a multitude of Shoegaze, Psych, Prog, and Stoner Rock influences and spits them out in a way that captures all the best qualities of those genres but infuses them with the eternal qualities of melody and groove.

Having spent the last five years doing the hard grunt work of countless gigs and building the foundations of the core fanbase, AWOOGA’s status as the emergent Sheffield future rock titans is assured in a city that has had its fair share.

In 2014 AWOOGA came to the attention of Sel Balamir – of Amplifier fame who promptly asked the band to support Amplifier on their European Tour. More UK and European Touring followed including a huge hometown show at Sheffield City Hall for 2015’s Tramline’s Festival. In early 2016 Sel Balamir made AWOOGA the first signing to his new Rockosmos label, before promptly shipping them off to Vigo in Spain to record their debut album with Spanish Production Genius Iago Lorenzo.

Since the completion of their debut Album – 2016 was spent touring and recording additional EPs, ready to administer a colossal injection of the band’s brilliance to the uninitiated and to lead us all, forcibly, by the hand right up to the debut album’s front door.

Metal Hammer & Kerrang Magazine both named AWOOGA a HOT NEW BAND OF 2017 and with good reason as the next 12 months are going to be an exciting time for Awooga without a doubt. With their much-acclaimed debut release (the aptly titled ‘Alpha’), they have laid down a huge statement of intent. The Alpha EP features 4 already proven Awooga classics - “Thief”, “On Intermission”, “Where the Others Go” and “Faultline” is the perfect vehicle for laying out what is to come.

‘Alpha’ is special in not only being the first Awooga release – but the first Rockosmos label release also. A label whose intent is to carve itself out a niche as a new kind of Island or Harvest for the 21st century.

Alpha is a digital and physical release – and comes as a beautiful Flame Red Heavyweight Ultra collectable artefact, lovingly cut by lathe supremo Gregg Moore and complete with the instantly striking artwork from AWOOGA’s long time visual collaborator, Chris Pick.

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