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palanduz sait wrote

Alana Sweetwater…….Here she comes

Alana Sweetwater is a songwriter who grew up in the mountains of Tucson, Arizona. She is a dynamic talent with a gift for making a strong connection through her music, by giving voice to the human experience in a way that is profound, intense and sometimes quite humorous. It is a beautiful combination of all the right ingredients that make Alana Sweetwater a completely original, and deeply compelling artist. It’s almost impossible to articulate what it’s like to see Alana Sweetwater perform She has the passion and intensity of Janis Joplin, the emotion of Stevie Nicks, and the showmanship of Gwen Stephani, plus a little of the rock and roll grit of PJ Harvey. Sweetwater posses a charisma, an uncanny ability to hold the attention of an audience. She is every bit the story teller, grounded, earthy , raw, vulnerable, and wildly entertaining.

The home where Alana grew up was converted into a commune of sorts, with a constant stream of wayward travelers coming and going. She was raised surrounded by shamans, Hippies, gypsies and Native Americans, which helped to enrich the fertile ground for Alana’s budding creativity. At twelve years old, she received her first guitar and found it to be the perfect vehicle to help her write songs. By the time she was 16, she had formed her first band, written over 100 songs and was performing at local venues. She recorded her first album entitled, “Hope for the Living,” and started playing all around the country in venues like, The House of Blues in Los Angeles, California, The Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado and The South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Later, she released her second album, “From Behind the Veil.” Tucson embraced the young songwriter, where she received regular radio airplay. The Tucson Weekly even wrote a five-page article about her life and music. Still living in the town she was born in, Alana began to feel complacent and craved change, ultimately choosing to leave Tucson for Los Angeles.

When Alana Arrived in Los Angeles, she had $80 and a place to stay for three days. In little time, she was playing many of the most prestigious clubs. She placed two songs in a Jim Wilson Film (director of“Dances with Wolves” and “Waterworld”) called WhirlyGirl, and recorded her third self-titled album with producer Joe Romersa (produced Jon Prine, and Bonnie Raitt), and she collaborated on a song with John Coinman and Kevin Costner for Kevin’s upcoming album. Desiring a new and more dynamic sound Alana formed a most unusual and eclectic band consisting of Marlon Grace who plays hip hop and R&B beats acoustically on the Box (the Cajon), Dylan Cooper on the stand up bass, Phil Rodriguez on the trumpet and Mike Freas, and Jason DeCourse on the guitars. Occasionally the live shows include Boom who is a tap dancer (formally with stomp). The band went into the studio and recorded Alana’s forth independent album titled “Alana Sweetwater and The Heavy Steppers”. They played all over Los Angeles, filling venues like The Hotel Café, The Derby, and The Mint. Eventually, Alana’s music brought her to Brooklyn, New York, where she immediately formed a band, began playing shows at well known venues such as The Living Room, Rockwood Musichall, and Pete’s Candy Store, and started working on material for another album.

Now with a band on each coast, four independently released albums under her belt, and having toured all around the country, Alana has come to fully embody the Goddess minstrel of her childhood dreams. She has found her musical family, great success as a songwriter, and has nurtured and grown a strong and loyal fan base that is ever expanding. When asked what is next for Alana Sweetwater she replied like any gypsy would, “it’s time to hit the road”.

“Look out DiFranco fans, there’s a new righteous babe in our midst.” - Mauri Wadsworth Tucson Weekly

“New music is always around us, but music that touches us, challenges us, and comforts us is hard to come by. Alana Sweetwater and her music offer so much to love.” - Christie McQueen

“I’ve never been this excited about an artist in a long time.” - Tim Mitchell (Shakira, Gloria Estefan)

“I’ve never seen anything like this! Every person in the place wants to give Alana a hug before they leave. How can so much power come out of such a little girl?” - Alana Sweetwater fan after a recent show at Hotel Cafe

"By the way, my fiancee and I are hooked on your cd. It is seriously one of the best collections of indie music accomplishments I've heard in a while. I'm a big fan. " -Jon Hershfield (IS GOOD MUSIC)

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