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the nooners was formed in hässleholm, sweden, in the early 90's (possibly the late 80's).

members throughout the years:
Mattias Andersson (still active)
Mattias Svensson/Bystedt (still active)
Jan Löwgren
Erik Brunulf
Jacob Hamilton
Dan Kisiel
Rikard Lundstedt
Niklas Bragée-Larsen
Joakim Bill
Jens Björby

the nooners sometimes changed the spelling of the article "the" for each production:
* the nooners "have picaroon"
(early unrealeased cassette demo)

* the nooners "catchy noons"
(early prerealease of some tracks ending up on "dark side…")

1. the nooners "dark side of the noon" (1992)
first demo, partially recorded in marianne records studio in skara ("first prize" after a studiefrämjandet music festival at skara sommarland)

2. vhe nooners "bark at the noon" (1993)
second demo, recorded in the nooners own studio in vinslöv "the academy of st twinning in the swamps"

3. zhe nooners "in minestrone. freestyle demo" (1994)
first of the "concept" releases - songs in the flavour of "three-minute-pop-frenzy" (with a death metal twist)

4. theu nooners "play bellman" (1995)
this demo recieves a lot of good reviews in the swedish press, the nooners nowadays also regularly appear on linda norrman (skugge) "bäst just nu"-list in her column in the swedish tabloid "expressen"

* he-nooners "orienteering" (1996)
recordings abrupted by the fact that the nooners signed a record deal. another pop-orientated concept.

5. très nooners the dator years (1997)
debut album, recorded at helicopter studios (gothenburg), released on the record label "L-style".

* the nooners the human ä (1998)
16 tracks recorded in vannebergaskolan, vinslöv, during the summer of 1998, intended as the nooners "sophomore" album

6. benno presents vol 1 (1998)
"space - 1998" one of four tracks on a vinyl 7'', released by the magazine "benno"

7. kloöbaklop nooners "quantitäten" (1997/98)
a freejazz/noise hour-long improvisation edited into perfection to a dozen mind wobbling tracks

8. the nooners christmas album (1998)
another improvised ambient music piece

* the nooners touched by the sladd of god (1998)
"a record on a day"-concept; 5 hard rock tracks written and recorded during one weekend

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