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  • Skivsläppsdatum

    20 maj 2000

  • Längd

    7 låtar

Artist Biography
Sanity was formed 1995 in the small west coast town Falkenberg, Sweden by the two childhood friends Vladde Labat and Tommy Rudak. They entered a national music contest and won it by a great margin! This was the start of the band turning things up a notch and they decided to record a cd which was released 1997.
Forgotten World was recorded at Recordia studios Sweden by a guy named Fredrik Larnemo. The recording was done in the summer of -97. Forgotten world is actually Sanity’s second release, the first recorded stuff was done in a budget studio with a “technician” that had very little or no clue what so ever of what he was doing. Anyway, those songs ended up as an mp3 only release on the internet in the summer of 2007! Forgotten world was well received by the critics and mainly got high scores around the net. The sound on the record was awesome in many ways, as an example, the more you crank the volume, the better it sounds! Not many recordings have that today.
After the recording of Forgotten World, the singer Ola Wikström was, so to say by his own mistakes, sacked from the band. By a coincidence Sanity’s bass player Rick Altzi (At Vance, Thunderstone, Masterplan) heard about a great singer. Rikard Bengtsson(Last Tribe) was his name and what a great guy he was. Sanity made 8 songs in his studio and it was astonishing!. This resulted in Sanity’s finest work, Mental Destruction! Released in the summer of 2000 the selfpaid cd was not made in many copies. The real spread of the cd started in July 2002 when it was released by some pirates on the web. The cd reached a lot of people that started to listen to Sanity and the word was on.
Some of the songs on Mental Destruction were sent to a Japanese label and they were willing to pay for a studio session and cut Sanity a really interesting deal! Anyway, after some dealing back and forth the company didn’t share the bands view.
Since Sanity's singer Rikard had his own studio, the band hardly could rehearse for live gigs. It was depressing. Everything led to a dead end. On top of that Rikard decided to quit. The studio work was increasing. Then tension started to rise within the band. The issues were mostly around money, and the members never really could agree on those matters. This led to the firing of T Karlsson, and the second guitarist P Samuelsson decided to quit as he got tired and bored of the situations within the band.
In spring 2001 T Karlsson was back in business. The big question was still about a lead singer. Now it was time to do some serious work. The aim was to find one, fast! Sanity tried out a couple of different singers but no one could fill the shoes of Rikard Bengtsson. Then the band suddenly realized that they have had the solution right in front of their eyes the whole time. Rick Altzi the bassplayer he could sing. And yes, he could! So Altzi quit the bassplaying and A Andersson joined the band on bass. After that Sanity made a couple of gigs but never really got back to the qualities from 1999-2002 A new recording was done in September of 2003 in a local studio in Falkenberg. This time, no manager no producer and really no one in the band seemed to care too much about the recording. The sound on the upcoming release Demise of Truth was a huge step back for the band. If you listen to that album you will hear the lack of inspiration within the group. Anyhow, the album once again leaked on the net and as many musicians hate the fact that their music can be downloaded for free, for Sanity this was a great way to spread their work and reach a wider audience.
So, with the tensions and frustrations once again rising within the band T Karlsson was fired. This guy had some serious “get along issues” and it was more than once “his way or the highway”. Well, I guess that this time it was the bands way.
So, after that a couple of months went by without anything really happening for the band. P Samuelsson was asked back in the band as the lead guitarist once again, and he accepted.
The band once again got back to rehearsal and started writing new songs. Then the news struck from singer Rick Altzi that he got the job in a Swedish progmetal band Treasure Land and that he could not continue to be a part of Sanity anymore. At first the band was unhappy with the news but quickly decided to wish him the best of luck in the future and as far as I know, the band and Rick Altzi are still the best of friend today.
For Sanity this was once more terrible news band ways. The hardest part over the years had always been to find a singer. This time around was actually the last time Sanity had a permanent singer. And as time went on the band slowly started to dissolve.
I heard from a friend that Sanity still exists but they haven’t made a live performance or recording since 2004. There can be found a few songs on youtube and two albums are available on spotify. A one minute teaser was released on youtube in 2010 which sounded very promising but it has been quiet around the boys ever since.

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