• Traum im Schlaf

    27 jun 2011, 14:13 av fm014


    this is one more special
    That is because I’m currently thousand miles away from my usual surroundings.
    But that’s just a condition, and no topic.
    So here’s last week in covers:
    > Phil Collins : I gave his greatest hits a spin. And there are some remarkable songs in his discography.
    > ATB : I guess that was a trance flashback I needed when I was writing another blog entry.
    > mr.tinoforever : My bundle arrived last week (including a lovely message), so I had to give his album another spin. There’s also some buzz about his new recordings that should be released this summer. ^^


    Most played artists:
    > Psypirinha : This was part of an experiment I did, because I saw that I haven’t really got into their latest album. So I created my sleepy time playlists with their songs (instead of ballads).
  • 2009 in the rear view

    31 dec 2009, 14:15 av fm014

    Hello readers,

    I hope you're having some great last days of 2009 and that you'll enjoy New Year's Eve.
    I recently took some time to look at all my playlists which always make me smile when I think of how much great music I got to discover this year.
    So here's my thank to the hundreds of artists and producers who love to make music and who made my days brighter.

    And now here should be a picture of the special records I used to listen to last year.
    (I'm a bit surprised by the choice the generator made though)

    Which brings me to the more official scrobbling stats of the last 12 months - here I go...

    My most played artists of 2009:

    01> Madonna (over 750 plays) - The queen of pop easily reigns surpreme regarding my playlists. Not only her singles but also lots of remixes became personal highlights whenever I needed to cheer up.

    02> John Mayer (about 725 plays) - He may not be a prince of pop…
  • Get On Your Boots

    10 mar 2009, 23:54 av fm014

    Hey there,

    I'm late... again.
    But there was a reason which should not be further explained.

    Instead: News:
    Well... let's see... my most played artist of last week would be Psypirinha and U2.
    By the way I took some time to make up my mind about the new album No Line on the Horizon. It could be seen as my first impression because time can change opinions.
    And if you want to get to know the songs yourself just click on the link.

    So... there are 11 brand new tracks.
    01> The opener turns out to be quite unexpected because the voice seems to be squawking and unfortunately the chorus feels weak.
    02> Then there is the first highlight. The second song really unites many elements why I like this band. It delivers an epic sound pattern.
    03> The third track is a tough one. It appears to deal with pain. At least that is my interpretation.
    04> The beginning of next song could be considered as experimental. And for the first time it sounded really strange. …