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Nomy (Patrick Berndt Boris Marquardt) is a Swedish artist from Ulricehamn, now living in Stockholm. He was born December 15, 1979 and is a Swedish musician whose songs on the internet reach a very large audience.

In the 90's, he wrote Eurodance and Psytrance together with famous chiptunes musicians such as Anak and Thomas Danko, but later turned to writing rock music in his own home.

Nomy has no record deal himself but uses the Internet to sell and bring out his music to a wide mass of people. Nomy sings and plays the guitar himself, but much of the rest he does on his computer. His songs range from everything from rock to ballads influenced by Skate, Metal such as Bad Religion, Danko Jones and In Flames and Elvis Presley.

On Spotify's World Top List, Nomy's songs have been ranked #10. He also sells several albums through his website and through Spotify. He was nominated for a Swedish grammy for the year's innovator in 2010.

2015 Nomy was awarded with 8th Gold discs and 2x double platinum discs and one single platinum.

2007 - Atonic Atrocity
2008 - "Song Or Suicide"
2009 - Welcome to My Freakshow
2010 - Disconnected
2011 - By The Edge Of God
2011 - A Dream For The Weaker
2012 - Verity, Denial and Remorse
2013 - Free fall
2014 - Psycopath
2014 - The full story of Diane (EP)
2016 - Be your own god

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