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Moment 24 created from the ashes of hell and Adonai`s mercy for mankind and the archangel Lucifer, In dark cave somewhere in Texas wild west a cowboy spirit waking up from a deep sleep, he stole a Pegasus, flew across the world , crashed in Stockholm, he occupied the soul of dead body of a suicide victim, and he cald him self the arc angel Ezekiel whit other wasted angels he started to do some music, beginning of the end he says to hes angel mates, A dirty game, All die in the end, Enidan my enidan

Always the same,in, The Hotel Named Disrespect but, We are here; the, Morning Star,Winter Morning Sun,Can You Feel It,a,New Time, has arrived,Love Is Still Here,I Want to Be,the king of;Kingdom of the Sun.

Moment24, is a Gothic rock/industrial rock project started, 2010, it is a One mans project, One Debute/(demo) cd was Given ut 2010, on iTunes and spotify, Amazon, the project still exist to day, just do to difrent music styles, it can go under other names, like for Idustrial metal M24, for darkrock(depp)(the cure) rock Perfect Moment, For ordanery gotich rock, Moment24, industrial music do to different project colaberation whit other people(icd10) … EQT short term from and old project, whit the name ElectroQT, and so on, dont get confused =)

Moment25 FB Side https://www.facebook.com/Moment24/?ref=hl
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