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Moll Flanders

If you can`t understand what you don`t understand it`s not easy

01. Something Good
“I wasn’t looking for what I found.”
Was written by the Alrikson brothers in five minutes.
The goal was to create a song that could have been
included on an album by The Who.

02. 1983
“You can blame me, cause I’m not that good.”
Was originally a simple “three chords song” by
Mathias, but evolved through contributions made
by the entire band. For example the influences of
Christian’s synthesizer and Claes’ bass guitar, which
makes your mind wonder to a juggling circus clown.

03. La La La
“In my head she’s nowhere to be found. All I’m
thinking about is you when you’re singing LaLaLa.”
Following a magical demo recording of the song, the
band tried to reproduce and capture the same feeling
in the studio. This proved to be very difficult which
is why some takes on LaLaLa was re-used from the
demo version. When the crowd started to sing a long
during a live appearance at the club Weekender in
Austria, the band was convinced to include the song
on the album.

04. Friday Night
“Maybe visit myspace online, but my computer sucks.
I’ll take a nap.”
Christian was home sick a friday night and that
resulted in Friday Night. This is the song which
Christopher enjoys the most playing drums to.

05. A Million Years
“All that is left is ours.”
Richard was aiming for an armageddon feel to this
song. While Mathias became fond of the chorus
which reminded him of Hidden Cameras.

06. Moonbattle
“I put my raincoat on, but when I came out,
there was only sun.”
Was written after the opening track in the album,
Something Good. It was completed in only fifteen
minutes and is salvaged by the albums only guitar

07. Adore You
“Everything happens for a reason. Love will come
your way one day. OK?”
A demo version and tribute to Daniel Johnston
which made it on to the album.

08. Fading away
“A star to me is fading. Refusing to stay.”
Claes’ favorite song which is a story about grandma
and grandpa Alrikson.
if you can`t understand
what you don`t understand
it`s not easy

09. Valentino
“Someone told me that you can’t buy love but I guess
they`re wrong.”
A song for everyone who has ever forgot about
Valentine’s day, with music based on a hypnotizing
two-chord jam.

10. Machine
“I’m inside a machine.”
Created on an acoustic guitar and recorded at the
rehearsal studio. Pierre’s spirit is always uplifted by
this song.

11. Hypochondria
“Don’t wanna see the doctor today, cause I’m afraid
of what she might say.”
In the making of this song the band lost the ultimate
rehearsal studio, situated in the centre of Jönköping.
A disgruntled neighbor got to the end of the rope and
found no other way out than to evict the band…

12. All I Want Is you
“I can’t explain why I do the things, the things that
make you sad.”
Love and three chords is sometimes all it takes to
create a good song. This is the only track on the
album which includes a pedal organ and whistling
band members.

Moll Flanders:
Pierre - Guitar
Mathias - Vocal
Chris - Drums
Christian - Keys
Claes - Bass
Richard - Guitar


Crying Bob Records

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