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  • Skivsläppsdatum

    11 april 2011

  • Längd

    14 låtar

2009 isn't about to go down in history as a particularly good year for
rock'n'roll. In fact, it's been downright abysmal. What's happened to all
the fans who, just a couple years ago, would fill venues to see good,
original rock played with passion and drive?
Well, boys and girls, hang on to your hats because just as the year ends
comes the debut album release by Mary's Kids. And it's a good 'un. It just
may make you re-evaluate the scheisse year this has truly been. That is if
you haven't been brainwashed into thinking that (insert name of crap nu-
metal band here) is really "rock"
Although based in Stockholm, Mary's Kids are the brainchild of Oslo native
Mary Currie, last seen fronting the late, lamented Mensen, who although
signed to a US record label, never got the respect and promotion they
truly deserved.
Yeah, okay, but what about the new record? Does it rock? Yup, it sure
does. Currie's songs have taken an introspection that wasn't seen in
Mensen but don't let that fool you. Listen to the lyrics of "Tiny Tits, Tight
Ass" and you'll see what I mean. Her Kids are made up of some of
Stockholm's most stalwart rock veterans so the level of playing has been
ratcheted up. Way up. There are hooks galore on this record and I know
that you'll be humming after a couple of listens. Favourites include "Stay
Away", "Destroy" and "I Don't Want You"
Currie's voice suits the material perfectly and say, there's even an
Avengers cover on the record. When a band covers a song from their
heroes that's just plain cool.
For those purists who say "But I really liked Mensen" I say that you're in
luck because the album closes with a cover of Mensen's "Cruiser" which in
my view is a great way to make the transition.
Go out and buy this record and open your eyes. And ears.
Dave Champion
December 2009

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