• The kvlt lyrics.

    14 feb 2007, 16:11 av mental_viking

    LYRICS! No, I've got nothing better to waste the journals on.

    1. By moonlight we ride
    Ten thousands side by side
    With swords drawn held high
    Our whips and armours shine
    Battle Hymn

    2. This land is mine to the end of time
    none it shall claim or conquer
    the mountains high : the endless sky
    the forests and the sea
    The Land

    3. As the twilight gave birth to the night
    I walked into the forest
    The twisted trees clawing at the skies
    These are my true domimions
    As the Twilight Gave Birth to the Night

    4. Exit the light, into the night
    As warm of darkness takes form
    Mind eating serpent crawling within
    Inside rages a poisonous storm
    ...Of Suicide

    5. Still it stands
    With roots anywhere
    In the soil of time
    At the bottom of my life
    Reap the Storm

    6. I rise from slumber one night.
    I have this urge to kill.
    A ritual blood bath
    To fulfil my own true will.
    By This Axe I Rule!

    7. A dream, a lie
    Nothing to be
    A death, a loss
    God gives nothing

    8. Bleed down to the fucking core