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2005 was exciting and eventful for EVICK to say the least. The Washington D.C. based rock and roll band started off the year like they always do, bringing a Jagermeister soaked party to the people. Of all the things that have been said about this band over the years one thing stands true, EVICK is road worthy. It could be anywhere, anytime, day or night. A block a way from home, or off to the Virgin Islands. If they have live rock and roll EVICK will be there.

The years of road experience paid off big time this year. The band’s resume includes an average of 200 shows a year as a headlining act or in support of acts like Cheap Trick, Fuel, Ace Frehley (of Kiss) and many of the hard rock icons they grew up on, such as Dokken, Warrant, and Faster Pussycat. The list goes on.

During 2003 and 2004 EVICK was the opening act for Bret Michaels (Poison front man) for extended parts of two solo tours. The veteran entertainer took notice to the hard work ethic and true rock and roll style that EVICK put into their real lives and live shows. In 2005 Bret asked EVICK to join him and become the BRET MICHAELS BAND. For 8 months EVICK toured the USA and CANADA on a non stop ride full of all things rock and roll.

Evick was now sharing the stage with bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foreigner and Styx. Bands they grew up with like Skid Row and Slaughter had now become their opening act. On more than half the dates EVICK was fortunate enough to actually open the show as themselves, before taking the stage to perform such timeless rock anthems as “Talk Dirty To Me” and “Nothing But a Good Time” with the original writer and performer. The experience led to a huge increase in the EVICK fan base. Record sales of both their debut release ANACHRONISM, and sophomore effort SUNSET TO SUNSET went through the roof as well.

Returning home in Dec of 2005 the guys went right back to work. Doing double duty by hitting the regional clubs and heading into the studio to work on their 3rd and yet untitled release due in late 2006. Into their 6th solid year without a break in sight Evick finally finds comfort in their own skin. They are easily able to set aside all the things that come with the competition of today’s music space. They don’t worry about sounding exactly like the flavor of the week; they don’t worry about sounding too much like their influences. They could care less about signing over their lives to some big wig record company. They simply wake up and play authentic unfiltered American rock and roll. Evick, if anything, is the real thing.

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