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During the last few years, since his last musical appearance, Emil Fitger has turned many pages both musically and privately. Spending the most part of his teens and twenties passionately involved as the lead singer, guitar player, lyricist and one of the most influential song writers of alternative metal band Melaina, who released a selftitled debut album in 2008 he shortly thereafter experienced their disbandment. The sudden break-up of the musical project that Emil Fitger had invested his heart and soul in for such a long time left him empty-handed in a kind of vacuum. The fire for creating music still burning but his mode of expression lost, Emil went into a temporary seclusion from the music scene.
A few years have passed and in October 2011, Fitger has found his way back and is ready for the release of his debut solo album, “A long wait beneath the snow”. The music on this album is musically completely different from his earlier band, but there are innumerable references that bind them together.
On this album, as a solo artist Fitger exposes a deeply personal side of himself, the music being quite consistent in mood yet blending musical styles and influences from very different directions. The music is best described through the sentiment that it evokes, which is so distinctively Scandinavian that the Swedish word (vemod) doesn’t have an equivalent in English. The closest, “sweet sadness” or “melancholy” fail at capturing the sense of beauty that accompanies the implied sadness. It is mainly the ambience of the songs, especially the lyrics that paint a portrait of a person contemplating the frailty of existence, searching for a cure for all of his deeply hidden fears and anxieties, attempting to find his own answers to the questions that many reflecting people pose. It is however possible to trace a lyrical progression throughout the record which begins with tracks expressing stronger sentiments of darkness, despair and apathy while the record evolves more and more into emotions of newly found hope and moments of peace of mind.
The musical genre is difficult to describe since it is built on a singer /songwriter base while the production is a blend of different styles of electronical music. The core of the sound most often consists of acoustic guitar and Emil Fitger’s fragile, sincere and very characteristic voice, accompanied by a soundscape of electronica, industrial synth, breakbeats and several other influences.
The quite characteristic mix of Fitger’s lyrics and mode of singing creates an impression that the listener is his closest friend, personally chosen to be confided his deepest emotions and secrets. This personal touch and the very combination of singer/songwriter music and different electronical expressions create a very interesting and unique record.

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