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Eliwagar is a one woman project that was created in december 2006 by Runahild, who is deeply inspired by the northern nature and the Norse spirituality. She listen to the mysterious whispers from the spirits of nature and the spirits of the ancestors as she let her spirit wanders free and feel the energies of all that surrounds her. Her heathen folk melodies invite these energies to express themselves through her voice and music.

The mythical land beyond the northern wind, Hyperborea, is a strong source of inspiration. In this land, where the sun was shining 24 hours a day in the summer and the dark winter would be enchanted with the northern lights, it was said that the people were living in peace and in harmony with mother nature… Memories from the past and dreams for the future…

Runahild :

Vocals, flute, Hardanger fiddle, guitar, bass, bowed lyre, mouth harp, langeleik, bukkhorn, shaman drums and drums

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