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ElectroQT was active 1993-2009 in music production, there was 1998 was one debut cd released, and then 1999 the secund,


the project started in 1993 when the main person started to do music on coputer AMIGA500, Amiga 2000, AMIGA 1200, the music, dident sound like coputergame music like people togth cos it was made from an amiga.

Electro Cute, that was the orginal name of the project back in the days, used real samples in the tracker program, and then a 4 track recorder to record in songs, and guitar a syntherizer from the 80th (siel cruise) that still is in use for other poroject Like Moment24 http://www.jango.com/profiles/52662512?l=0

the project was a one mans project, live performance was canceled, because, it was too short a time to reputation, and almost an impossible to manage the conset just one man.

the project changed name, to Electro QT 1998 do to some circumstances,

the project was in main a industrial project

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