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Dr. Arthur Krause was born in a café autumn 1999 in Gothenburg, Sweden (the man behind this name was born much earlier) when he took a good look at the world. In 2001 Dr. Arthur Krause decided to form his own music project. All three members of a band called Pet Sematary became the Doctor AK band.

The orginal line-up 2001-2004:
Dr .Arthur Krause - vocal, guitar, bass and programming
Mr Lemon - backing vocals and machines
The Lady - guitar and backing vocals
This was also the line-up when recording the debut album Before and After.

The music
Its a kind of gothic rock music. There were use of synthesizers, samplers, guitars, electric bass and the drummachine Yamaha RX5.

By the release of thier second album When Love Is Dead back in 2007 four persons were involved in the production: Dr. Arthur Krause, André Robsahm, Fredrik "Hell" Thell and Peter Hageus.

In mid 2008 Dr. Arthur Krause made some big changes, Peter left the band and Mattias "Dr Fill" Axelsson joined on drums. The band was reformed to a full scale rock band.

With this new version of the band they started to record what later became thier third CD release. The 2010 album Solutions became the real breakingpoint with harder and darker sound. It is however very delicately blended with frail and breathtaking soundscapes – without a doubt one of the bands finest moments so far.

The Lyrics:
The Doc eat meat, and use electricity from nuclear energy. "Today everything is wrong, maybe all you know is wrong? Have human ever walked on the moon? I´m not sure anymore. The lyrics are about all doubt that that crosses my mind …and hopefully yours" the doctor once said.

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