• Rumor Festival Edition 61

    2 maj 2010, 13:36 av Bertels

    [event=1507860]Sat 1 May – Rumor festival[/event]
    Sat 1 May – Rumor 61,
    Vredenburgh Leeuwenbergh, Ekko, SJU Jazzpodium, Utrecht.

    After having a very relaxed Queens Day (on which Coach Bertels slept till noon, had a solid breakfast, drove to the dunes and walked for three hours in no mans land to test the legs and new binoculars), Bertels woke up at ten and discovered the weather to be extremely good for the garden, wet! Slowly Coach started up the PC, released a piss and decided to take it easy. Only just a few minutes later Bertels wondered if he could still make it to the live radio show in Utrecht; Washing up, getting dressed, biking to Central station, buying a ticket, boarding the train, walking from Utrecht Central to the pub where the show is broadcasted from: all together one and a half hours, without delays! This could be done! Next question for Coach was if there was something to do in town to combine things? It would be pure nonsense to travel all the way to Utrecht just for a show that can be…