• Soundwave festival @ RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane, 21st Feb. 2009

    23 feb 2009, 00:35 av Bloopy

    Managed to escape Auckland while it was on the rag without getting wet and headed over to Brisbane for this. Was on the same plane as Underoath, not that I would've recognized them if they hadn't mentioned it to someone. Wasn't gonna watch them anyway, heard that their set was crap. Plane parked up at the airport and they told us we had to wait while the ground staff hid from a thunderstorm. No idea how long it was gonna be, but in the end it was only 20 mins.

    Weather cleared up nicely for Soundwave. I was mainly there for Bloodhound Gang. Got nice and close to the front, but as soon as they started the great squish came. After a few songs I fought my way back so I wasn't so distracted. Knew to expect a short-ish set and planned jokes, but it was still awesome. Need to see them again sometime. Daniel, the newest addition to the band, got sent out first dressed as a sailor to play the guitar intro to Fire Water Burn. They played other goodies such as I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks
  • Reviewing Soundwave Festival - RNA Showgrounds

    22 feb 2009, 12:26 av krystlel

    Sat 21 Feb – Soundwave 09

    Soundwave Festival

    Prior to attending the event, it was difficult to envision what kind of experience it would be like being at Soundwave festival, an event where the term festival seems completely appropriate. Being held in RNA Showgrounds, home of the Brisbane Exhibition it still has the distinct feeling of like being in a theme park, given that some of the rides are still visible and with the colourful food stands in place. Except that rides and attractions were replaced with various stages around the area.

    I had read prior to the event, the problems with the organisation the previous year, but there were no such problems this year with mostly everything running efficiently in terms of lining up and venue organisation. I arrived early in preparation of the potentially long queues but found that I was able to make it inside within about 15 to 20 minutes, thanks to the large number of aisles for queuing.

  • Soundwave 09 Lineup announced!

    24 sep 2008, 14:08 av jacobbrett