• Bad Luck

    16 maj 2008, 09:48 av ma0sm

    Thu 15 May – Stag & Dagger

    Much like the Camden Crawl, a night where many bands play in many locations with varying numbers of people wanting to go see them, these city sprawl festivals have a nasty habit of going one of two ways. Surprisingly good with new music discovered and a great atmosphere, or more effort than it's worth. Unfortunately, much like the one time I did go to the Camden Crawl, this ended up completely in the latter category.

    I started the evening alone watching Collapsing Cities based on a tip off from a guy I used to live with being good friends with the singer's brother. The Vibe Bar's first floor had only a handful of people for such an early time of the evening, but still the band looked bashful as they played. Their disco beat driven pop-rock is hardly something new and any nuances in the limited toned vocal style were lost in the mix leaving the performance lacking much variation with nothing about them making you want to hear more... …