• Festival Reviews: Big Day Out - 28/01/2008

    4 feb 2008, 10:41 av jarmac

    Monday 28th of January, 2008 – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne.

    The BIG DAY OUT (Melbourne) timetable:


    My friend (Thomo) and I arrived at the venue at 10:00am (one hour prior to the opening of the Big Day Out gates). This was my first ever Big Day Out so I had not experienced Big Day Out being at the Melbourne Showgrounds or Princess Park so I will not be that critical. The only festival I had been to before Big Day Out 2008 was Splendour In The Grass 2007. Once I had entered the gates at Big Day Out I headed to the Green Stage to see upcoming indie-rock three piece, 'Die! Die! Die!'.

    Die! Die! Die! : 11:00AM-11:40AM (Green Stage)
    Watched: 11:00AM-11:25AM
    I hadn't heard any music from New Zealanders Die! Die! Die!, but I was very impressed with their set. I easily managed to get a front row spot at the Green Stage. …

    2 feb 2008, 07:57 av Jomercoe

    Mon 28 Jan – Big Day Out

    First of all, yes, it was a pretty crappy venue.

    Second of all, stop whining.

    My day started off at Cut Off Your Hands - indie rock from across the Tasman. I had a ball - this is the third time I've seen them and they keep on sounding better and better. More specifically, You And I just keeps on getting harder to resist the urge to dance to. Thanks, Dools, for that wonderful moment when I heard this on your Myspace. Their The Sonics cover is pretty damn swell. Two things to point out, though: the bassist is a total dork (but I'm sure he's a top notch fella) and I think they're more suited to small club gigs then outdoor daytime festival gigs. Maybe they're just not a band to see without a beer in your hand to sip from/douse everything in the room in while dancing furiously..

    The Galvatrons were next. They seemed really excited to be playing at the BDO, and they did pretty well for themselves. They're from the future. Robots are cool, etc. …
  • Big Day Out 08

    31 jan 2008, 04:47 av jess_555

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on a ticket just a few days prior to the big event. It was to be my first Big Day Out and I was feeling pretty nervous after friends had told me I was crazy to go and that I would probably get killed… whatever, there was no chance I would miss this.

    The stress of choosing which acts I would have to miss out on almost killed me. So many acts I would have loved to see but there was far too much to see in too little time.

    First up was Operator Please which was the perfect choice to get the crowd warmed up with their infectious melodic pop tunes. They had a youthful energy about them despite the fact they have been playing an alarming number of shows. They played Get What You Want, Just A Song About Ping Pong, Leave It Alone, Zero Zero and the highlight was Crash Tragic.

    Faker performed on stage amongst giant letters which spelt (you guessed it) ‘F-A-K-E-R’. I’ve always liked Faker but had never actually gone to see them live until now. …
  • Melbourne BDO 2008

    29 jan 2008, 23:15 av Dugahole

    Mon 28 Jan – Big Day Out

    My Big Day Out was a ticket to see Rage Against the Machine, if they weren't playing I wouldn't have gone. That's not to say I wasted my day before they came out though.

    I pretty much stuck myself at the Essential stage all day and was really impressed with everyone I saw.

    British India were very good I thought, put on a very good show and got the crowd involved. Great way to start the day I thought.

    Cut Off Your Hands were alright, I didn't really get into it thought and decided that it was time to load up on food half way through their show... Lunch was shithouse though.

    Kate Nash, I have heard some people were disappointed by her performance but I thought it was really good after she fixed the vocal levels. Just a shame she took so long to do it. My first real highlight came here when Billy Bragg came onstage for a duet of A New England... Awesome stuff.

    Enter Shikari were the biggest surprise packet of the day. THEY ROCKED. …
  • Melbs Big Day Out 2008

    29 jan 2008, 11:35 av Gus333

    Melbourne Big Day Out 2008

    I'd kinda given up on Sydney BDO because of the DBF - Drunken Bogan Factor. My brother told me Melbourne was a better crowd, so I figured I'd give it another shot.

    Some highlights and lowlights:

    Muph and Plutonic. Don't know how I avoided seeing these guys live for so long. Great show. I reckon live drums really kick hip-hop shows up a notch.

    Dizzee Rascal. Awesome showman. Killer beats. Shame the Boiler Room sound system wasn't clear enough to hear the lyrics properly. The closest thing to UK grime that we're likely to see in Australia any time soon.

    Blue King Brown. These guys are great, and they've rocked every crowd I've seen them play to. I've got to go buy their album.

    Battles. Easily a highlight. Mirrored is my favourite personal discovery of 2008 so far. They played even though one member had a ruptured eardrum, which I reckon is pretty hardcore. There's amazing skill involved in building up the kind of looping and layered tracks which they do…
  • Massive Day Out

    29 jan 2008, 02:21 av DeKay1989

    Mon 28 Jan – Big Day Out

    So i finally managed to get one ticket a week before the show and here are my thoughts.

    Hilltop stole the show, was at the front getting crushed between some hypo topless guys, funny to see a guy on x getting the shit kicked through him too for being a shit :P the aboriginal part at the start was a little too long and people got restless like school children which was pretty sad.

    Boiler room was by far the best stage and well worth my money. Krafty Kuts, LCD Soundsystem and Carl Cox made my night at the end. Rage was over-rated. Couldn't hear crap from the back and the crowd was dead.. Boiler room crowd was going off which was what we want!

    bjork was a big joke, i didn't see anything special.. just a few effects dubbed over a beat and her singing in broken English.. The screens were pissing me off too, just showing the guy touch effects over and over.. really lame!

    Train ride home was funny. Seeing people try to jump the fences and get onto the train. …