• Concert Experiences

    20 okt 2010, 09:36 av Nico54

    Over the years I have been seening more and more bands live and thought I'd start writing up a nice list.

    I can't remeber what the 1st gig/concert I went to TBH but will start at the first major artist I saw.

    Elton John Dec 6th 2006 Wellington

    Really amazing concert, however was sitting way at the back wish I got closer tickets now, but could't afford it I guess a the time, was really impressed by Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding. And Your Song, can't remeber the rest of the set list yet but might come back to this later and add some more conerts.

    Rythm & Vines Monday 31 December 2007 – Tuesday 1 January 2008

    Next was a Festival Rather than a concert. And when I look back a fews years after I cringe at a band I would of loved to see now but I didn't know them! Jakob, yes an amazing band which only was discovered after this event. But even if I missed them I saw The Checks who I have one album "Hunting Whales" very nice album and nice live performance also which was played on the main stage. …