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fredag 1 januari 2010måndag 4 januari 2010


Hilton Mark Center
5000 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA, 22311, United States

Tel.: 1-703-845-1010


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Every year, we effectively rent out a hotel and last year we topped 1350+ people. We've got videogames, nightly game concerts and 24-hour music jams, a LAN area, arcade games. game movies and cartoons, tabletop gaming, seriously going around the clock. People selling games and discussing them everywhere. Special guests. It goes all weekend long!

There is also a special New Year's Eve party for preregistrants.

Official website: http://magfest.org/
Want to pre-register? http://magfest.org/prereg
Want to staff? http://magfest.org/volunteer
Reserve a room: http://magfest.org/getaroom
You can share rides or rooms directly from your website profile.

If you still have questions, AIM: MrMAGFest
By all means, bring all your friends!

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