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Jun 2

Smell My Finger Re-Launch

Med Hard-Ons på The Great Northern Hotel


lördag 2 juni 2012


The Great Northern Hotel
89 Scott Street, Newcastle, New South Wales, 2300, Australia

Tel.: (02) 4927 5728


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One of the most unlikely rock‘n’roll bands to reach hero status in Australia and elsewhere is The Hard-ons.

Originating from the underprivileged suburb of Punchbowl, Australia, a multi-racial trio of high-school kids stormed firstly the suburb’s party-scene, then Sydney’s underground live music scene, then took over the Australian equivalent, then finally the underground rock’n’roll scene of the world.

How was this possible? From all angles, The Hard-ons were doomed and headed for obscurity: they collectively hated fashion and fads – two fulcrums upon which many bands’ fortunes turn; they deliberately chose to alienate potential fans and rock critics alike with their irreverent, scathing and divisive imagery and “humour”; they played at unthinkable volume and velocity – way more so than at generally accepted levels.

On closer inspection, the Hard-ons could not fail. Armed were they, with a care-free, nothing-to-lose attitude, the band showcased a uniquely localized yet global sound and image. Utterly Australian. Utterly unique. Inspired by their hero counterparts from bygone eras, The Easybeats, The Saints and the like, The Hard-ons showed the world that an unassuming rabble of immigrants could make the world’s underground fall in love with them, so equipped were they, with GREAT TUNES!
The Hard-ons were indeed, an unexpected breath of fresh air, to the paisley and winkle-picker wearing garage scene, and the leather-and-studs punk scene that flourished in the Cretaceous era of 1984 – 1987. Furious and unpredictable live shows and brilliantly vibrant recorded output presented an irresistible one-two punch.

SMELL MY FINGER is the title of PART 1 of a 5 part reissue series, on Citadel Records.

Spanning the years 1984 – 1987, SMELL MY FINGER presents the entire official recorded output of The Hard-ons. All the 7 inch releases. Both 12” releases. Every officially released Hard-ons tune is there including obscure compilation tracks. Two discs contain 150 minutes of music and 60 (!) songs. Bizarre and fascinating live documentation from salvaged party tapes and desk recordings are presented, highlighting a head-turning mixture of influences (punk, metal, gram-rock, hard-rock, 60’s garage, psychedelia, girl-group sounds, power-pop, bubblegum, thrash etc). A unique and fearless band of teenagers that rushed Sydney’s punk and garage scenes like runaway stormtroopers – in full evidence on these prehistoric yet timeless recordings!

“Overdue” is an overused cliché yet in this instance, thanks must go to the hard-working Citadel Records! Finally, these unavailable recordings get the well-deserved reissue/remaster treatment on the aforementioned monolithic and legendary Sydney label. Enclosed within a six panel gatefold deluxe sleeve is a 32 page booklet featuring restored artwork, liner-notes from all three original members and original manager Tim Pittman, unpublished personal photographs and the like. Very tasty!

SMELL MY FINGER simply is a MUST for any fan and curious onlooker alike!

The Hard-ons will be taking their live show around Australia, Europe and Japan to promote SMELL MY FINGER. Explosive, funny and action-packed, these shows are guaranteed to blow everyone’s ears and eyes. Bring a few extra bucks in case you feel the need to take home more than pleasant memories: SMELL MY FINGER, part 1 in the 5 part CITADEL RECORDS Hard-ons reissue series, will be available for sale at these shows!


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