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Mar 1


Med Bob Dylan, Dubstar och 7 artister till på The Monarch


tisdag 1 mars 201120:00


The Monarch
40-42 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8BG, United Kingdom

Tel.: 020 7482 2054


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MIXTAPES presents DYLAN REVISITED with SARAH BLACKWOOD (Voice of DUBSTAR and formerly of CLIENT), LIZ & THE LIGERS, THE 'A' TRAIN and JOHN WHEATLEY all performing their favourite Dylan tracks!


We've invited some of our favourite Dylan devotees to come down and play a few of Bob tunes alongside some of their own. Plus we'll have DJ's spinning Bob and related stuff like The Band, Hank and Woody. Book yourself the following day off work and prepare to sing at the top of your lungs cos we have some great acts!


Born in Halifax in the shadow of 'Dark Satanic Mills' and 'Wuthering Heights' I have wanted to sing for as long as I can remember. As the ABBA song goes... "Mother... says I began to sing long before I could talk"... however vomit inducing that sounds, Mum says I was singing in my cot.

Taking my inspiration from John Lennon I decided art college was where it would happen. It didn't. However I did manage to befriend just about every musician in Newcastle... except from Steve Hillier and Chris Wilkie, who remained an enigma to me, until I was introduced by a friend, whilst I was paying off my student excess working in an art shop and a pub. From the fateful first meeting, with "The Jones", where I ended up having to push Steve's Lada, to signing a record deal six months later as "Dubstar", the thing I had been waiting for all my life happened as panic inducing whirlwind... From the age of 4 top of my Christmas List for Santa was "a record deal from EMI" ...imagine how freaked out i was when it finally happened. My fourth ever gig at Sheffield University was in front of 2000 students and I must have looked like a stunned rabbit in the headlights... infact the NME told me. Many times.

Dubstar crumbled in 2000 and I was sat in a pizza and wine haze on my sofa when I got a call from Kate asking if I wanted to join Technique, on tour with Depeche Mode. I fell off my sofa and onto the running machine, then onto a stage infront of 145,000 chanting Depeche fans, in an easy to clean, cheap cotton outfit (just in case of flying missiles, Fletch had kindly pre-warned us... just to add to those first gig nerves!!!) Out of this came "Client", six wonderful years of touring, running a club, "Being Boiled" learning how to DJ and learning to love music, all over again.


"Stardusted lilting , edgy folk beauty with mystery"

"Indie folk group Liz and the Ligers headline tonight. The band played to a good crowd at Hop Farm Festival this year and look like ones to watch out for."

"indie-pop with a twist of folk by the London-based outfit."

"the delightfully charming folk pop of Liz and the Ligers which is akin to the music the friends from Wind and the Willows would create."- Panda Power at The Social

"Part folk, now heading a bit disco, Liz and her merry pack of Ligers always put on a good show!"-Mixtapes at The Monarch

"Wandering around the array of stalls in search for a drink and maybe some good old festival food, I stumbled across Liz And The Ligers playing the Bread & Roses stage. I hadn't heard of them before and couldn't work out if I liked them or not, but ultimately decided I did - they sounded like a band from the early 60s and not really like anyone around now, and Liz herself was rather intriguing, so that was a good accidental watch." -Review of Hop Farm gig


John Wheatley is a singer/songwriter from Hertfordshire who steals bits from Smokey Robinson, Jack White and Bob Dylan but still has more originality in his songs than most of the current crop of British songwriters. Well worth seeing.


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