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SUiT , four men on one stage conjuring a storm. A guitar sounds; the first howl of wind that grazes all who listen. With the offset of the instrumentals the wind intensifies, blusters, billows, envelopes. Nothing goes untouched: all that was compliant snaps, everything standing falls, and all that was seemingly ordinary rises to be extraordinary in perfect nakedness. SUiT is an undressing. Listeners dive into an ocean of feelings as their bodies come to possess everything wild and soft that is rising in their ears. The guitar riffs build up something powerful and simultaneously tear it down. SUiT is an intrusion, the sound of desert rock and surf guitars, unfamiliar and new-sounding Alternative Rock overlaid with words that tell what has collected in one’s heart the end of each day. This is SUiT, clad in insistence, thirst for action, hope, desire, and love – love for a generation that is waking to find itself adrift in music.

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