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Artist: RAS
Title: Rhythmic Altered State
Year Of Release: 2002
Label: Best Seven/Sonar Kollektiv
Genre: Nu Jazz, Downtempo, Electronic, Afrobeat
Total Time: 01:16:00


01. Intro (1:49)
02. Do Your Dance (7:51)
03. The Old Days (4:40)
04. This Is Ours (5:32)
05. Cantamo (5:29)
06. Dashing Steps (6:48)
07. Beat De La Romantique (4:58)
08. P.A.C. (5:19)
09. Diggin' (7:27)
10. African Kangaroo (6:39)
11. Areas Of Perception (6:00)
12. Gahz (5:22)
13. Exit Routine (7:43)

Modern man runs ahead of time. Disconnected from his body, he pushes his head forward and thinks of the future. Is there a way back, a way to reconnect? Man’s connection to himself and his own peace are his rhythms and beats. His heartbeat, his walk, the twinkle of his eye, the structure of his day. Rhythm is pulse, is vibration and cyclical, periodical, epochal formations. Rhythm is a universal language, a golden key to infinity. To let go and completely dissolve in a rhythmic structure is one of the most joyful and equally challenging adventures for Robert Galic aka RAS.”The more you are able to open up and give in to it the further it will carry you”, he states. The youngest episode on this journey is the recently released debut album “Rhythmic Altered State”. Rhythmic Altered State filters african and latin beats into western club rites. –Felix Fast

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