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Artist: DASK
Title: Electron Utopia
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: SynGate
Genre: Ambient, Berlin-School
Total Time: 00:57:21


01. Dask - Electron Utopia (13:04)
02. Dask - Lorentz Force (19:02)
03. Dask - Desert Synchrotron (5:52)
04. Dask - Electron Transfer (10:48)
05. Dask - Electron Transfer (Station Remix) (8:35)

DASK was the first computer in Denmark. It is an acronym for Danish Arithmetic Sequence Calculator.

The man behind DASK is an Electronics and Sound Engineer with a background in sound and audio systems. He has been listening to various electronic music for 30+ years from Early TD to more recent Berlin School like Redshift etc. He started to experiment with field recording, synths and sample manipulation about 10 years ago but he always discarded all his material until recently. He is not sure why he decided to finish an album and still aspires to be as good as some of the greats in electronic music composition. He wonders if not being a professionally trained musician helps or not since he doesn’t follow many rules when playing about with sounds and sometimes interesting results to his ears are found by experimenting rather than trying to follow music theory rules.

The Berlin School style of music is based on progressive sequencing and morphing ambience.

This album is the first SynGate Records release from DASK.

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