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Aghori Tantrik is Siddharth Agrawal (29 yrs old) from India. He is the owner and founder of Sonic Tantra Records since 2005.

Sid, as his friends call him, started his creative talent in music production at a young age of 14 with his then project known as Dj MadBoySid back in 1998. He then completed his education in Sound Engineering from SAE Institute, Byron Bay, Australia in 2004.

Since 2005, Sid started producing the Aghori Tantrik sound and playing it for various events. Keeping his attitude of love and friendship and encouraging people to have a real good time in his events, Sid carries a message and vibration he received whilst partying with the Old time hippies from the forests of New South Wales, Australia.

He founded his record label, Sonic Tantra Records, whose sole intention was to pump mind and Kundalini blowing music into the scene. Also the label's interest was to find and nurture talented artists from all over the world. Sonic Tantra has been responsible for the very 1st releases of artists such as Enichkin, Hishiryo, Noized, Cosmic Iron, Kiriyama, Oil, etc. This label continues to introduce fresh crop with every new release!

He is now one of the most wanted Artists from India, as he continues to release his music on a global level with record labels from USA, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Russia, India and Australia. He has a large fan following in India, with more than 25000 People who have heard or downloaded his music from India alone, and is currently seeking a strong event partner to break into main stream culture.

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