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Vektor vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto comments:

"'Charging The Void' is the first track of the album and sets the scene for the story that follows. It begins with the lone astronaut from Outer Isolation who is actually an isolation test subject. He overrides the auto-pilot and is compelled to go forth on his own and search for his purpose. Years in isolation have twisted his mind and he teeters between insanity and vengeance. His travels bring him to the now-exploded star, Alshain. Within the stellar nebula he finds a life-giving molecule that revitalizes him and extends his life. With an entire haul of the new found molecule, he believes to have found his purpose. He has an epiphany about life and death and decides to bring his life-giving molecule and his new way of understanding to the Cygnus Regime.

"There are many hidden meanings in the song that relate to balance, power, and life and death, so keep an ear out!"

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