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VALDEZ is a four piece band of musicians from Philadelphia, with a passion for good songwriting and leaping the fences between genres. The group comprises of British frontman Simon GODFREY (ex-TINYFISH), who moved from the UK to the USA in 2014, ECHOLYN bassist Tom HYATT, COLD BLUE ELECTRIC keyboard player Joe CARDILLO and ex-STONE JACK BALLER drummer Scott MILLER.

Tom and Simon met by chance at a comedy club in Philly and got on so well that they decided to jam the following evening at an open mic night. The duo were an instant hit with the crowd and as they left the stage, they agreed to form a band that would go on to become Valdez.

''For us, the song comes before absolutely everything else,'' says Simon. ''It doesn't matter if it's a short song, a long song or mad, complex one. As long as it's good, we'll grab it with both hands and spin it until we're all dizzy.'' Chemistry and humour also play a big part in the band's identity: ''we take the music seriously, not ourselves,'' says Tom. ''We're naturally happy people and we love what we do as a musical unit.''

Their debut album, entitled 'THIS' (referring to the world of wonder right in front of us which we forget, simply because we see it every day), is released by maverick independent label Bad Elephant Music, headed up by David Elliott, one of the godfathers of the UK musical underground. The album was produced by ECHOLYN songwriter and GREY EYE GLANCES guitarist Brett KULL, a legendary figure on the American east coast music scene, and the album artwork was created by world famous DC Comics artist Mark BUCKINGHAM.

Not everyone gets such royal support for their debut release, but everyone involved believes there is something special about VALDEZ, the songs they write and the performances they give.

Biography provided by the artist and used with permission

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