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Тексты песен

How can something be so big and yet so small
With my accomplishments, I have nothing at all
How can we stand so high and yet still fall
I'm stuck here waiting for something to call

Who am I, and will I ever decide
I can't find peace within my own mind
I want to be known and yet I still hide
So why do I search, expecting something to find

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What does it mean to live in a life
If life in itself is still questioned at times
How can I put my throat to this knife
And try to explain my thoughts in this rhyme

Tell me your woes and bring them to light
Or hide them behind a smile so tight
That no one would think that you ever might
Feel the way that they do in their beds at night

We struggle to find a place to reside
Because we don't want to accept what we're feeling inside
To truly feel free with those we confide
Is self-discovery that lasts the whole ride

The answer to the question on everyone's mind
Is to stop asking the question and leave the past behind
Stop looking for a label to stand right behind
And choose simply to be

Writer(s): Sampreet Arneja

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