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The album is dedicated to the Celtic legends of magical people, but rather the search for a faraway land beyond mists … whether what I saw in a dream, or heard in the western wind, the long journey through the night, beyond the sea for the green shores.
The people known as "The Sidhe" or people of the mounds, or "The Lordly Ones" or "The Good People" were descended from the "Tuatha de Danann" who settled in Ireland millennia ago and in being defeated by the Milesians they retreated to a different dimension of space and time than our own, believed to be living under mounds and fairy raths and cairns, and also the land of "Tír na nÓg" a mythical island to the west of Ireland.
The Gaelic word sí or síog refers to these otherworldly beings now called fairies. The Irish fairy is not like the diminutive fairies of other European countries, the Sidhe are described as tall and handsome in all accounts, also they are dressed very richly and accounts of their halls are of richly decorated places with sumptuous foods and drinks.
Tír na nÓg is the fabled island off the west coast of Ireland "The land of perpetual youth" where the Tuatha de Danann (the Sidhe) resided.
Time stopped still on Tír na nÓg, one never grew old or suffered from any illness, it was always of a temperate climate neither too hot nor too cold. The flowers bloomed perpetually and never died. There was no sorrow or pain, love was eternal it was without wars or famine or any of the ills of the earth.
To get to Tír na nÓg it was necessary to cross a stretch of water and then to go under the waves for a time before coming again to dry land. The 'horses' of the sidhe crossed the waves as if they were a solid surface.

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