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Alexis and Ivan Centeno AkA Tzolkin Project are the creative minds behind this exciting project who begin their taste for electronic music in the year 1991. His first contact with an analog synthesizer and a program called Rebirth in the winter of 2000 was definitely a turning point in his career as he showed them the way of music production and that is how quickly begin to experiment with sounds and rhythms in the genre of Dark psy proposing a fresh style and quite original .Its first release "Kintzol" in August 2007 debut album belongs to the record Anomalistic Records, where Tzolkin Project works with great artists of the genre as Kashyyyk, earworm, Skunk of Satan, Faxi Nadu and many more. Currently they have participated in over 10 compilations in large recognised labels such as: ICC records, records Badgers, Biomechanix records, Phrenetic such records, records Twisted Mind, Mictlan records, inc Tlaloc records, Galactic crew, Crop Cycles records and several others.
Tzolkin Project is a group that is characterised by a unique and different style .Each track is an exquisite journey of textures and vibrant rhythms specially created to exploit the dance floor.

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