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"Every 1's a winner, baby that's the truth" - truly, a much-needed message for our times! As in, the kind of message we don't expect anyone anywhere saying anytime soon. And the euphoria of hearing the sentiment is tempered a notch when you realize that Ty Segall is delivering this message especially to a special someone, the kind to whom makin' love is such a thrill. Of course, you too are free to be special to someone also - so long as you realize that with such freedom comes great responsibility. But hey, since you're an adult, responsibility comes easy to you, right? As for Ty, he covers Hot Chocolate here as if he'd been funkin' since he electric slid out the cradle! The trick is to use the template of the original to unlock your potential to be you and vice versa! Once Ty's allowed that to happen, his ownership of "Every 1's a Winner" is complete, a high-flying, hard-driving performance made of ecstatic soul. The sound of 2017/2018 will be much improved by its presence, and everything else on the forthcoming Freedom's Goblin. It may be funkin' for fun, but it's also all business and all personal all the time in the world of Ty Segall. So turn it up, and get down.
released December 5, 2017

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