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  • Активность (лет)

    2004 – сегодня (15 лет)

История американской Неопрог-группы TIME HORIZON может быть прослежена до другой группы под названием Iron Clay Pots. В какой-то момент Ральф Оттесон и Дэйв Дикерсон из этой группы подошли к Брюсу Гаэтке и задались вопросом, Может ли он смешать некоторые из их материала.
The history of US Neo-Prog band TIME HORIZON can be traced back to another entity called Iron Clay Potes. At some point Ralph Otteson and Dave Dickerson from this band approached Bruce Gaetke and wondered if he could mix some of their material. And while nothing substantial came out of the process, Iron Clay Poets eventually disbanding, Otteson and Gaetke developed a friendship on a personal and musical level in the process.

2004 saw the two of them form a band, supplemented by Dickerson and Steve Gourley. Following many years of honing their craft, the quartet got the opportunity to record and release their debut album Living Water on their own label Angelic Noice Records in 2011. Since then Dickerson and Gourley have decided to leave the band. Allen White (bass) and Dave Miller (guitars, keyboards) are the current additional full members.

Time Horizon members are Ralph Otteson (keyboards / background vocals), Bruce Gaetke (lead vocals/drums), Allen White (bass guitar), and Dave Miller (lead/rhythm guitar and keyboards). Time Horizon is based out of Northern California; and has been musically influenced by several symphonic rock-groups. Some of the bands are Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Kansas, and Pink Floyd, just to name a few.

The relationship between the band members began when Ralph Otteson, formerly the keyboardist for the band “Iron Clay Poets”, asked Bruce Gaetke if he would be interested in mixing down the ICP 32-track recording. Ralph and Bruce worked for several weeks together; during that time, they became fast friends. After ICP disbanded, the two decided to form a new band, along with original members Dave Dickerson and Steve Gourley, and immediately began writing original music.

In 2011, Time Horizon released their first CD, “Living Water”. The CD melds together stylized lyrics of faith, as well as refined symphonic music and instrumentals, to bring together the positive inspired sound of Time Horizon. With standout tracks like “Life Fantastic,” the music of Time Horizon will appeal to a broad range of music lovers.

Time Horizon is a supporter of Living Water International (LWI). LWI is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the poorest of the poor in parts of the world where clean drinking water is scarce. Time Horizon has dedicated the sale of the first 1000 CDs of “Living Water” to Living Water International to help in their goal of providing clean drinking water to the needy. We can help be part of the solution to a world-wide problem.

Time Horizon is in the final stages of preparing to release their second CD. The new album titled “Transitions” was mixed by Billy Sherwood of the band “Yes” and has several well-known and accomplished musicians and guest artists. The album is named “Transitions”, because it is a transitional album from what was, into what it could be and now it is ready to take flight. The band’s desire is to use this new album to make an impact on the world with a positive message of hope.

Great new album from Time Horizon "Transitions" 2015. 10 songs mixed by Billy Sherwood. Lots of great guest musicians and featured artists.

Time Horizon is…
Ralph Otteson (Keyboards & Vocals), Allen White (Electric & Upright Basses), Dave Miller (Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars), Bruce Gaetke (Drums & Vocals).

The band has spent the last four years writing and recording “Transitions” their follow up to the highly praised debut album. The band has also gone through some personal changes during the writing and recording process thus the meaning behind the name of the new album Transitions. The album also features some very special guest by members of Yes, Michael W. Smith, Glass Hammer and Proto-Kaw.

Guest Artists…
David Wallimann (Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars), Lang Bliss (Drums & Percussion), Tony Kaye (Hammond B3), Billy Sherwood (Guitar), Jake Livgren (Vocals).

Additional Contributing Musicians…
Bruce Gaetke (Drums & Vocals), Jeff Garner (Guitar), Michael Mullen (Violin), Dan Eidem (Drums), Gary Gehman (Backing Vocals).

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